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Friday, January 6, 2012


"Coke...after Coke...after Coke" was a slogan for Coke-a-Cola's back in 1966, and it described me well for years.   I started my love affair with Coke way back in 1972.  By the time I was 21, I was a full fledged coke-aoholic.  I would start my day out with a nice cold refreshing glass of Coke. That was my version of a morning cup of coffee. I would then drink it throughout the day.  By the time I was 30 I was drinking a 2-liter bottle a day and did that for years.  Not only did this ruin my teeth, but it helped me pack on a lot of pounds.  I have tried giving up coke to many times to count.  I would suffer through the horrible headaches, the throwing up, and the extreme tiredness, only to start up drinking it again within a couple months.  Somewhere in my mind, I would begin to think that "just one little coke here or there won't hurt".  Once I would do that, before I knew it, I'd be back up to 2-liters a day.  I knew I had to do something, or this addiction was going to kill me.  On March-9-2011, I gave up Coke for lent.  We don't even do lent at our church, that's how desperate I was.   I did very good, even in April when my brother-in-law passed away unexpectedly.  The only reason I didn't start drinking Coke again at that time was because I had made a promise to God that I wouldn't drink it until after Easter.  After Easter, I decided if I could go without Coke durning that stressful time, then I could go longer.  Each month was a huge success for me.  Then in July and August two more brother-in-laws passed away unexpectedly.  I must admit that I drank a glass of Coke when the third brother-in-law passed away.  For some reason in the month of December I decided to drink three Cokes.  I could see where that was going fast.   I'm so happy that I started this diet in January.  This time thankfully no Coke withdrawals (only because I had so few Cokes).  I'm bound and determine not to give into my cravings for that wonderful dreadful Coke-a-Cola!

Stats: 232.4 (7.8 pounds lost)

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