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Monday, January 16, 2012


The diet that I am on, I was not allowed to exercise for the first two weeks.   Well, two weeks are up.  I started today with their 'phase 1' cardio and yoga core.  I could only do about half of them right.  The other half I had to do 'old lady style'.  I do not have any strength in my tummy muscles and I have a little bit of knee problems.   I am NOT going to let this stop me.  I may not be able to jump while doing jumping jacks, but I can move my legs and arms.  I may not be able to do push ups, but I can do a variation of them.  My lunges may only be slight, but I'll go down as far as my tired old body and knees will let me.  My tummy may get in the way of most of the yoga moves, but I'll still do the best I can.  Tomorrow I start with the 'phase 1 strength push & abs' and on Wednesday it will be 'phase 1 strength pull & lower body', and then I start all over again.  I'm hoping that in a few weeks, i'll be able to do deeper lunges, maybe a few full jumping jacks & something that might even slightly resemble a push up.  I know I have a long way to go until my tummy doesn't get in the way of my yoga moves, but that's okay for now.  I know that I'll be sore, but it's okay.   I still want than healthier body and my goals haven't changed.

Stats: 226.4 (13.8 pounds lost)
          227.4 pounds
          227.8  pounds
          227.8 pounds
          229.4 pounds
          229.6 pounds
          231.2 pounds
          232.4 pounds
          232.6 pounds
          232.8 pounds
          235   pounds
          238.6 pounds
          240.2 pounds

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