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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Friday nights are normally 'go out to eat and play cards' night with my husband & friends.   I know me well enough that at this point if I did our normal Friday night activity it would be like a house of cards falling for me concerning my diet.  I decided that I wouldn't go out to eat just yet because I didn't trust myself to not to order the bread basket, blue cheese dressing, beer-battered deep fried fish, or my much loved french fries dipped in sour cream.  I decided not to go out to eat for 2-3 weeks, until I get this old body used to eating things healthy.
I did still however want to play cards.  This doesn't sound like much of a problem, except you haven't played cards with my friends & me.   There is always pop, homemade goodies & lots of chocolate or other candy.  We play cards, chat & eat, a wonderful night with my friends.  Last night I brought my trusty 32 ounce bottle of water and an apple.   The apple was only in a eating emergency, seeing I already had my fruit for the day.   I brought some homemade brownie bites dipped in chocolate, but didn't' have them anywhere in arms reach of me.  I was very surprised that I did great.  I didn't even eat my apple.  I will tell you that the fruit salsa & cinnamon chips that were there were very tempting.  It's so easy to con myself into believing that it's healthy because of the fruit, but I knew better.  I'm hoping that is another step to good food choices for this lady.

Stats: 229.6 pounds (10.6 pounds lost)
       231.5 pounds
       232.4 pounds
       232.6 pounds
       232.8 pounds
       235   pounds
       238.6 pounds
       240.2 pounds

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