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Monday, January 9, 2012


I was given this idea and I love it.  I took a quart size jar and I filled it with 200 marbles (They used decorative stones).  Each marble represents a half pound.  For every half pound I lose I can take a marble out.  I also have four boulders (large marbles) in the jar.  For every twenty-five pounds I hit, I get to remove one of the boulders.  I decided to add another jar and label it my "Loss" or "Fit" jar (the first jar I labeled "fat").  For every marble I get to remove from the fat jar, I get to put it in my 'fit/loss' jar.  I have them standing next to each other.   I'm looking forward to the day when my loss jar is fuller than my fat jar.  Even better yet the day when the loss jar is full and the fat jar is empty.  I'm not sure how other overweight people are, but for me having a visual reminder of how much weight I've loss can only encourage me.

Stats: 229.4 pounds (10.8 pounds lost)
       229.6 pounds
       231.2 pounds
       232.4 pounds
       232.6 pounds
       232.8 pounds
       235   pounds
       238.6 pounds
       240.2 pounds

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  1. What a great idea Barb! I love all the creative things you come up with.